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You may think that eCourt is just another Alternative Dispute Resolution service offering simple, impartial solutions to all sorts of disputes.  You may even think that the main reason why this form of Dispute Resolution has become so popular recently is because it's quicker and more cost effective than traditional litigation.

You would, of course be right, but eCourt have gone even further, because we not only do all of that, we do it all online over the internet, making it even more efficient.  On top of that, we have cut out all the most costly parts of litigation, because with eCourt there are no expensive lawyers, barristers, solicitors, QC's, or judges to pay.  Instead, both the disputing parties simply send in their Case Notes and await the eCourt Verdict. 

For a full breakdown of all the various eCourt packages, that can be tailored to suit every problem with any budget, just click eCourt: How It Works:

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