How It Works

All you have to do is write up your dispute, submit your Case Notes to eCourt and await the verdict.  It's as simple as that.

eCourt cuts out the costs of lawyers, solicitors, barristers, QC's, or High Court Judges, by letting your case be assessed by a judge and jury consisting solely of a selection of intelligent, fair-minded people who are only interested in finding impartial solutions based on logic and merit.

By offering this merit driven justice system and conducting it all online, we are able to offer a unique and elegant solution to resolving any dispute and one that adheres to the original pioneering spirit of law and order.  As such, eCourt can be seen as democracy working at its purest level - a true governance of the people, by the people, for the people.

eCourt offers two main arbitration packages, designed to suit every problem and any budget as well as a mediation solution, as detailed below:


Standard Package

The Standard Package has four basic steps:

1:  Select the amount of words needed
2:  Submit your Case Notes
3:  Submit payment
4:  eCourt returns a Verdict

This is the fastest and most cost effective way of obtaining an impartial verdict through the eCourt online justice system, just send in your Case Notes and the eCourt Jury will then deliver a verdict.

You control the costs by pre-selecting the amount of words needed for your case.

It obviously works best when both parties send in their Case Notes, but if only one party submits their side of events, then eCourt will just return an Independent Opinion on the evidence submitted.

Cost: £25 per 250 words

Premium Package

The Premium Package has six simple steps:

1:  Choose your own Assessors or let eCourt choose for you
2:  Select the amount of words needed
3:  Choose a Third Party Representative (if required)
4:  Submit your Case Notes
5:  Submit payment
6:  eCourt returns a Verdict

Although this is still a fast and cost effective way of obtaining an impartial verdict, the Premium Package offers much greater chioce and flexibility.

Cost: £25 per 250 words per Assessor chosen
(minimum of 2 Assessors)



Mediation Package

For Mediation the fees are calculated by the hour with a minimum of two hours conducted by ISO 9001 accredited Mediators, working in accordance to a strict Code of Conduct, which is also accredited by the Civil Mediation Council.

• £450 for a minimum 2 hours
• £850 for a half day session (4 hours)

Fees include:
• Pre mediation contact and guidance

• Allocation of an experienced Case Manager
• Selection of a qualified and experienced independent mediator and
  where appropriate two co-mediators
• Professional services of an accredited mediator(s)
• Mediator's preparation
• Simultaneous exchange of documents prior to the mediation
• Provision of a neutral and comfortable venue
• All logistical arrangements
• Assistance with drafting a mediation agreement
• Mediator's expenses

For any enquries or further information on Mediation please email us on


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