Right of Appeal

They say that the sign of a successful compromise is when both sides are unhappy.

The very nature of disputes means that this is likely to be true, so you should never enter into these matters lightly.

However, at eCourt we like to feel that we strive for a good and fair a verdict as it is possible to achieve, but if one, or both parties, feel that the verdict obtained through eCourt is extremely unfair, or that one of the eCourt Assessors has been biased, or not taken something into account, in giving a verdict or settlement that favours one side more than the other, and can give good reason, then you can appeal against the decision.

In these circumstances an Appeal Group will look at the case and the Verdict and if eCourt agrees that there has been a gross injustice, then a new Assessor or group of Assessors can be chosen and your case will be re-submitted free of charge.  If the Appeal Group thinks that it was just a close call, then you can resubmit your case to new Assessors at 50% of the original cost.  If, however, eCourt feels that the verdict was fair and no biased or other irregularities were apparent, then, they will reject your claim, although you can still appeal again with fresh Assessors, but at the normal rate.

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