The Assessors

To ensure that you receive a totally fair and objective verdict, all the Assessors at eCourt will consider each case on its merit only.  On top of this, they are totally independent from each other and are selected from a diverse cross-section of society and are all completely impartial.

In the Standard Package, eCourt will select the Assessors for you, but with the Premium Package you can elect to choose your own Assessors or you can just let eCourt automatically appoint them for you.   A list of all the Assessors can be seen during the submission process, which, for reasons of confidentiality, will only show their professional status and approximate age. 

The team of Assessors at eCourt can be tailored to fit you exactly according to the needs of the case and the cost limitations.  You can have as many or as few Assessors as you like, but obviously, the more Assessors you have the more expensive it is, but the more balanced the verdict is likely to be.

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